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While life gets hectic by the day you barely manage to strike a balance between household chores and a busy work schedule there is a constant search for means to save precious time and energy. But this cannot be done at the cost nutrition and health. Here we present lip smacking Kumaoni and Garhwali delicacies prepared from organic ingredients spices presents in traditional style. A perfect place to experience the nature as well adventure activities.

A holiday at The Pahadi (organic restaurant and motel) and the cool greenness of Pahadi valley with its wide range of trees, ferns and native flora will act like balm for your dust-weary soul. That's a promise! The location around 40 km from ramnagar and 30km from corbett. The location Is very quite in the lap of nature. At the Pahadi (restaurant and motel) , you could be torn between staying inside and going outside. On the off chance that you are the open air sorts, the inn can mastermind adventure activities like Para Gliding, Skyderman, Wall Climbing, Rappeling, Burma Bridge, Monkey Rope, Bungee Trampoline, Dodge & Jump, Gairo, Sun & Moon, Bull Ride,Toy Train, Paint ball Gun, Zipline and Archery.